Emotion Development (ED) Manual for use with PCIT

The Emotion Development (ED) Manual was developed by Joan Luby M.D. and colleagues at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis to be used in conjunction with Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).  The adaptation includes a module to specifically address treatment of depression symptoms in preschool age children; to decrease excessive irritability, sadness and guilt and to increase positive affect, as well as to help children learn to more effectively manage their emotions. The module includes sessions designed to explore parents’ own history of emotion regulation and parents’ reactions to their child’s emotions, to demonstrate relaxation skills, and to teach parents skills so that they can most effectively help their child both in the moment of emotional expression and later discussing strategies for dealing with similar emotions in the future.  Through live coaching and hands on exercises, parents practice the emotion development skills in session to help the child regulate emotions. PCIT-ED is targeted at improving symptoms of depression, but the 8 session module can be modified to focus on the particular needs of each individual child.

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For more information on PCIT-ED and study results, please see our Publications page.