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Basic Environmental Supports for Positive Brain and Cognitive Development in the First Year of Life. (2024)

Joan L. Luby, Max P. Herzberg, Caroline Hoyniak, Rebecca Tillman, Rachel E. Lean, Rebecca Brady, Regina Triplett, Dimitrios Alexopoulos, David Loseille, Tara Smyser, Cynthia E. Rogers, Barbara Warner, Christopher D Smyser, Deanna M. Barch

This link is a science communication piece meant to translate the findings of the THRIVE factor for the general public, and to offer actionable take-aways from the above paper.

Clinical and Psychosocial Characteristics of Young Children With Suicidal Ideation, Behaviors, and Nonsuicidal Self-Injurious Behaviors. (2019)

Joan L. Luby, Diana Whalen, Rebecca Tillman, Deanna M. Barch

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Parent-Child Psychotherapy Targeting Emotion Development for Early Childhood Depression. (2018)

Joan L. Luby, Deanna M. Barch, Diana Whalen, Rebecca Tillman, Kenneth E. Freedland

Associations of Observed Performance Monitoring During Preschool With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Anterior Cingulate Cortex Volume Over 12 Years. (2018)

Kirsten E. Gilbert, Margot E. Barclay, Rebecca Tillman, Deanna M. Barch, Joan L. Luby

Neural correlates of reward processing in depressed and healthy preschool-age children (2016)

Andy C. Belden, Kelsey Irvin, Greg Hajcak, Emily S. Kappenman, Danielle Kelly, Samantha Karlow, Joan L. Luby, Deanna M. Barch

Preschool is a sensitive period for the influence of maternal support on the trajectory of hippocampal development (2016)

Joan L. Luby, Andy Belden, Michael P. Harms, Rebecca Tillman, Deanna M. Barch

Breastfeeding and Childhood IQ: The Mediating Role of Gray Matter Volume (2016)

Joan L. Luby, Andy C. Belden, Diana Whalen, Michael P. Harms, Deanna M. Barch

Correlates and Consequences of Suicidal Cognitions and Behaviors in Children Ages 3 to 7 Years (2015)

Diana J. Whalen, Katherine Dixon-Gordon, Andrew C. Belden, Deanna Barch, Joan L. Luby

Mother nurture and the social definition of neurodevelopment (2016)

Michael J. Meaney

Disrupted Amygdala Reactivity in Depressed 4-6 Year Old Children (2013)

Michael S. Gaffrey, Deanna M. Barch, Janet Singer, Rivfka Shenoy, Joan L. Luby

Early Childhood Depression and Alterations in the Trajectory of Gray Matter Maturation in Middle Childhood and Early Adolescence (2016)

Joan L. Luby, Andy C. Belden, Joshua J. Jackson, Christina N. Lessov-Schlaggar, Michael P. Harms, Rebecca Tillman, Kelly Botteron, Diana Whalen, Deanna M. Barch

Relational aggression in children with preschool onset psychiatric disorders (2012)

Andy C. Belden, Michael S. Gaffrey, Joan L. Luby

Functional brain activation to emotionally valenced faces in school-aged children with a history of preschool-onset major depression (2012)

Deanna M. Barch, Michael S. Gaffrey, Kelly N. Botteron, Andy C. Belden, Joan L. Luby

Maternal support in early childhood predicts larger hippocampal volumes at school age (2012)

Joan L. Luby, Deanna M. Barch, Andy Belden, Michael S. Gaffrey, Rebecca Tillman, Casey Babb, Tomoyuki Nishino, Hideo Suzuki, and Kelly N. Botteron

Association between depression severity and amygdala reactivity during sad face viewing in depressed preschoolers: An fMRI study (2011)

Michael S. Gaffrey, Joan L. Luby, Andy C. Belden, Jonathan S. Hirshberg, Jennifer Volsch, Deanna M. Barch

Preschool depression: The importance of identification of depression early in development (2010)

Joan L. Luby

Early childhood depression (2009)

Joan L. Luby

Preschool depression: Homotypic continuity and course over 24 months (2009)

Joan L. Luby, Xuemei Si, Andy C. Belden, Mini Tandon, Ed Spitznagel

Temper tantrums in healthy versus depressed and disruptive preschoolers: Defining tantrum behaviors associated with clinical problems (2008)

Andy C. Belden, Nicole Renick Thomson, Joan L. Luby

The clinical picture of depression in preschool children (2003)

Joan L. Luby, Amy K. Heffelfinger, Christine Mrakotsky, Kathy M. Brown, Marth J. Hessler, Jeffrey M. Wallis, Edward L. Spitznagel