The Mood, Emotion, and Stress in Youth Study is designed to help understand the relationships between moods, thoughts, behaviors, and social relationships in children and adolescents, including the factors that contribute to self-harm and suicidal thoughts and behaviors. From this study, we hope to learn more about how children and adolescents think about emotion, moods and stress in order to create better interventions that help youth manage their emotions and behaviors.

This study will be following up with families who formerly participated in the Parent Child Interaction Therapy – Emotion Development (PCIT-ED) Study and the Brain and Behavior in Preschoolers Study.

What to Expect

Parents will be interviewed and fill out questionnaires. Children will also be interviewed, and will complete activities with their parent and complete computer games while having an EEG. Children will also fill out surveys at home following the initial visit. Participants will also be contacted in two years for a follow-up session.


Parents will be compensated $75 for the interview and children will be compensated $75 for the interview and $50 for the EEG at each visit, with opportunities to earn more.

Please contact Katie at (314) 273-5784 or with any questions.