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Infant/preschool clinic

The Infant/Preschool Mental Health Clinic is a subspecialty clinic that conducts comprehensive multidisciplinary assessments of children under the age of 6 with symptoms of behavioral and emotional problems and/or developmental delays or impairments.

Children and their primary caretakers are evaluated in a four-session play assessment conducted over four weeks. Detection and treatment of mental health/developmental disorders at this very early stage may diminish future mental health problems.

For more information, please call 314-286-1700.

Searchable Database of Treatment Programs with Ratings of Empirical Support (including therapies such as Coping Cat and PCIT)

http://www.cebc4cw.org/search/ (provided by the California Department of Social Services)

Mental Health Resources

Information about local clinics, psychiatrists, therapists, and other resources around St. Louis:

Referral Information (Parent & Child)

Resource List 2018

Print resources

  • The Handbook of Infant Mental Health, Second Edition (Zeanah, 2000)
  • Handbook of Infant and Toddler Mental Health Assessment (Carter & Del Carmen-Wiggins, 2004)
  • Handbook of Preschool Mental Health: Development, Disorders and Treatment (Luby, 2006)
  • Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents (Geller, 2008)

Online resources

Bipolar disorder

Infant/preschool mental health

  • World Association of Infant Mental Health

General and children’s mental health

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