Suicidal Thoughts and Actions Research in Kids (STARK) Study

This study is examining what young children know about the concept of suicide, along with risk factors for experiencing suicidality early in life. We are looking for 4-7 year old children who have experienced suicidal thoughts and behaviors, along with 4-7 year old children who have not experienced suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

For more information, please visit our website at or contact us.

What to Expect

  • The study consists of one in-office visit (3 hours) for both parent and child, as well as a quick phone follow-up after the visit
  • The visit consists of games, a safe non-invasive EEG for your child, interviews, and questionnaires
  • Study procedures are provided at no cost to you


Participants will be compensated up to $110 for their time ($100 for the in-office visit and $10 for the phone follow-up). Children will also receive a prize!

Please fill out our contact form at or contact Christina at 314-286-2705, with any questions.