Development of Reward (DOR) Study

The purpose of this study to better understand the relationships between reward processing, hormones, and mood in childhood.

We are looking for children 7-8-years old and their parents to come in for a visit. The study takes place in our child-friendly lab space on the Washington University medical campus along Forest Park Avenue. If needed, we can arrange transportation to and from the lab.

What to Expect

During the appointment, parents will complete an in-person caregiver assessment and a trained researcher will assist the child in completing an EEG. EEGs are entirely non-invasive technology that measure brain activity. During the EEG, we will put a cap on the child’s head and insert small dots of non-toxic gel, which washes out with water. The child will then play games on the computer that involve earning points for a prize. While the child is completing their EEG, the parent will be asked to complete several self-report questionnaires about their and their child’s health, feelings, and behaviors.

The total assessment will last approximately 2.5 hours. All tasks are age appropriate and designed to be fun. Children tend to enjoy participating!


Families who participate can earn up to $75 for their time.


314-273-7493 or email (Ask for Caroline)