Eligibility Requirements for PCIT-ED Study

Four-kidsYour child must:

  • Be aged 3 through 7 years old
  • Live with the primary caregiver (person who attends to child’s basic daily needs) for at least 6 months prior to study enrollment
  • If adopted, be adopted before 12 months old

Your child must not:

  • Currently participate in any other therapy (or be willing to stop the other therapy)
  • Currently take medications for mood disorders
  • Have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder

To move forward in the screening and assessments process, please complete our secure, online checklist outlining your child’s moods and behaviors.

Alternatively, you may complete the checklist over the phone by calling 314-286-1888 or request a copy of the checklist by emailing us at pcited@psychiatry.wustl.edu.