Screening & Research Assessments for PCIT-ED Study


In order to determine if a parent and child are eligible to participate, a research assistant will guide them through a five-part screening process:

  1. Checklist: Parent fills out a brief questionnaire about child’s moods and behaviors
  2. Exclusion Phone Screen: Brief phone interview about child’s health history and development
  3. Inclusion Phone Screen: 30 minutes-1 hour phone interview about details regarding child’s moods and behaviors
  4. Initial Assessment: Parent questionnaires and in-office assessment with parent about child
  5. Child assessment

Complete Checklist


Research assessments will mainly focus on your child’s moods, behaviors and development. The parent assessment will also include questions about your own background, feelings and parenting stresses. The child assessment is designed to be age-appropriate, fun and engaging.

Over the course of 36 weeks, both parent and child will complete several assessments. Parent assessments will range from three to five hours in length, while child assessments will be approximately two hours in length.


Families will be paid for their time and effort at each assessment. Parents will paid $50 at Week 1, $100 at Week 18, and $150 at Week 36. Children will receive a $10 gift card at each assessment. Parents will also complete questionnaires at Weeks 6, 12, 24, and 30 and will receive $25 at each time point.