Parent Child Interaction Therapy – Emotion Development (PCIT-ED) Study


We are conducting a treatment study for 3-7 year olds with symptoms of depression – and parents who want to help them regulate their moods and feelings. We are no longer recruiting participants for this study.

This study is designed to help children who are experiencing symptoms of sadness, irritability, guilt or inability to enjoy activities and play. To do this, we have developed a parent-child psychotherapy that focuses on improving the relationship between parent and child, teaching parents a new and effective discipline technique, and teaching parents and child new ways to handle emotions.

The therapy is a modified version of Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). The modified therapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy – Emotion Development (PCIT-ED), incorporates new elements that are applicable to the treatment of depressive disorders.

The following are examples of symptoms qualifying children may exhibit:

  • Often appearing sad or down
  • Pretending about sad, scary or violent things
  • Crying frequently
  • Lacking interest in activities usually enjoyed
  • Seeming tired often
  • Seeming more grouchy or irritable than other kids of the same age
  • Reacting to mistakes with too much guilt
  • Being hard on him/herself
  • Seeming to have low self-esteem