Brain & Behavior in Preschoolers (BBP)

Child looking at capThe goal of this study is to learn about how healthy children’s brains work. Children will play some games and complete an EEG recording, while their parent fills out some questionnaires.

We will compare our EEG data with measures of emotions and behavior to see how these factors interplay and relate. We are looking for normally developing preschoolers to come to our lab for one 2.5 hour visit.

EEG is a non-invasive way for us to look at activity in the brain– we just use a cap and a little bit of gel. Combined with the other games we play with the kids in our lab, this data is extremely valuable to our research on how kids develop, think, and feel. The things we are learning in this study may help future kids by letting us better understand how children’s brains work.


In order to participate in the Brain and Behavior in Preschoolers (BBP) study, children must meet the following criteria:

  • Participants must be between the ages of 4-6 years
  • Participants must not currently use psychiatric medication
  • Participants must not have a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder

What to expect

When you come to the EEDP for your appointment, first you and your child will play some games together. Then, you will be taken to a quiet room to fill out some questionnaires while your child goes with a trained research assistant to complete their EEG recording.

For the EEG, your child will wear a cap with small dots of non-toxic gel (these wash off with water). Your child will play some computer games, where they will win prizes and candy. Most kids have a lot of fun playing the EEG game and winning prizes!


When you and your child finish these tasks, you will receive $75 cash for your time.

Please contact Grace at 314-273-1045 with any questions or to sign up.